Investment Thesis.



Our investment theses is that startups founded and lead by women, black people, and entrepreneurs from low income families or regions worldwide, are in general, and particullary in Brazil, undervaluated.  We invest "glocal, scalable and diverse".


  • We invest in startups with at least one "diverse founder";

  • We seek to develop an ecosystem of diverse founders, investors and startups in the STEM industry;

  • We look for a resilient team with at least one full-time founder;

  • We look for large market size potential with positive demand drivers;

  • We look for startups with attractive early valuation;

  • We look to provide added value by leveraging our various backgrounds and network;

  • We prefere startups with revenue of $100k+ (10%+ m-o-m);

  • We invest R$ 50k~R$ 250k in exchange of equity participation;

  • Our investment realization horizon is of 4 to 7 years.